Hailing all Ancestors

So, obviously, this Paleo Diet has gotten a lot of buzz the last few or more years. After a recent bout of spontaneous vomiting whenever I ate, my doctor suggested I try a Paleo-style diet in an effort to straighten out my digestive system.

Basically, what I’ve read about the Paleo Diet (or “caveman” diet or what have you) is that we go back to our roots – we eat what’s naturally occurring in our environment – protein, fruit, vegetables. You know, the way we were supposed to eat before we started milking cows, making cheese, processing food & stuffing high-fructose corn syrup down everyone’s throats.

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A New Job and Some Old Joys

Hello there! It’s been a long time.

While I’ve been failing to write new posts here, I’ve also been failing to work out, diet and in general take care of myself. My last month was fraught with the all-consuming task of searching and interviewing for, and eventually getting, a new job and dealing with the drama of leaving my now-former job. Read More

Wiping Away the Crap: Obesity and its Stigma

It was the summer of 2005. I’d just graduated college and spent a fair amount of time in Austin with a good friend from Texas Tech who had an internship in Waco. She’d drive down from Waco, I’d drive in from Marble Falls, and we’d go out on the town. We were a couple of Texas Tech Red Raiders lost in the sea of UT-Austin’s burnt orange revelry.

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